Claims That Twitter Is Now Trending Towards Breaking Even Financially.

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk Responded To An Article In The Wall Street Journal Regarding The Difficulties  He Has Encountered Since Purchasing Twitter, Including Feelings Of Exhaustion And Discomfort.

Elon Musk Stated That The Past Three Months Have Been Extremely Difficult For Him, As He Had To Rescue Twitter From Financial Ruin While Also Fulfilling  His Crucial Responsibilities At Tesla And Spacex.

Elon Musk Further Stated That He Wouldn't Want Others To Experience That Kind Of Discomfort.

The Ex-Richest Individual Globally Stated  That Twitter Continues To Face Difficulties,  But Is Now On A Path Towards Financial Stability.

Musk Expressed Gratitude Towards Individuals For Their Support Of Twitter.

Musk Stated That, Once Established On A Stable Course,  He Believes That Managing Twitter Will Be Less Complex Compared To Overseeing Spacex Or Tesla.