Metaverse Needs Regulatory Scrutiny, Says Eu Antitrust Chief

EU Antitrust Chief Margrethe Vestager Has Said That Metaverse Is The Next Digital Market To Attract Regulatory Scrutiny.

Vestager Said In A Conference That It Is The Right Time To Ask What Healthy Competition Would Look Like In The Metaverse. 

The Antitrust Chief Asked Whether It Would Change The Equation When There Are Competing Digital Realities And Language AI Models Like Chatgpt.

Do we need to do more on something new? And obviously we have started that work," she added

According To The Regulator, There's A Much Wider Political Debate That Digital Markets Need Careful Attention.

“We Will Not Get The Same Legal Framework. And Maybe That Is Not A Bad Thing,” She Added.

Since Facebook Changed Its Name To Meta, Regulators Have Been Worried About The Monopoly Of The Tech Giant On The Emerging Industry.

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