Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023: Plans, Premium
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Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 -Rising medical costs are becoming a burden for many, especially in developing nations where socio-economic challenges are prevalent.

Recognizing this, the Indian central and state governments have introduced various insurance schemes with minimal or zero premiums but with a substantial coverage amount.

The objective of these government-backed health insurance plans is to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all, particularly the economically disadvantaged.

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 Even though these programs might not be extensively popularized, they are designed to extend basic health coverage to every Indian, regardless of their economic status

What are the Different Types of Government Health Insurance Schemes in India?

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 The central and state governments in India offer more than 16 health insurance policies tailored to various segments of the population.

Here’s a look at some of the most prominent schemes:

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023: Plans, Premium – 1. Ayushman Bharat

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 Introduced in 2017, Ayushman Bharat is the Indian Government’s premier health insurance initiative aimed at achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

It operates under two main pillars – Health and Wellness Centres (HWC) and the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY).

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023Across the nation, HWCs deliver essential primary health services, including free medication, diagnostic services, and maternal and child health care.

On the other hand, PM-JAY, recognized as the world’s most extensive no-cost health insurance program, offers a coverage of up to Rs. 5 lakh, benefiting approximately 50 crore individuals.

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2. Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 Administered by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, this program offers health care coverage specifically tailored for families living Below Poverty Line (BPL).

With a nominal registration fee of Rs. 30, eligible beneficiaries can avail coverage up to Rs.

30,000 for a comprehensive range of medical conditions.

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 Notably, the scheme does not exclude pre-existing conditions and doesn’t impose any age restrictions.

Beneficiaries can enjoy a hassle-free, cashless, and paperless medical treatment experience at any participating hospital nationwide using their issued smart cards.

7 National Health Insurance Schemes by Indian Government

3. Employees State Insurance Scheme (ESIS)

The Employees’ State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) ensures that from the inception of their employment, workers in India receive comprehensive medical care.

This program is tailored for permanent factories with a workforce exceeding 10 individuals and for other establishments employing more than 20 people.

This government-backed health insurance offers holistic healthcare solutions for qualifying employees and their immediate families.

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 Additionally, it offers monetary benefits in cases of sickness, accidents, and both temporary and permanent disabilities.

4. Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) offers medical services to present and retired Central Government employees.

This encompasses individuals from diverse sectors including railway board staff, judges from the Supreme Court and High Courts, parliamentarians, Delhi police members, and revered Indian freedom fighters, among others.

Within designated cities, CGHS furnishes an extensive array of health services for the eligible staff and retirees.

This includes provisions for hospital bills, domiciliary treatment, consultation charges, conventional allopathic care, and treatments under AYUSH systems.

5. Universal Health Insurance Scheme (UHIS)

The program is designed to support India’s economically vulnerable and marginalized citizens. Catering to individuals aged between 5 to 70 years, this scheme offers crucial coverage, especially to the most impoverished sections of society.

Under UHIS, both individual and family members are covered for medical expenses, with added benefits in the event of accidental death. When a family member is hospitalized, the plan extends a coverage of Rs. 30,000.

Additionally, if the family’s primary breadwinner is hospitalized, they receive a daily allowance of Rs. 50.

6. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 PMSBY is a scheme open to all Indians aged between 18 to 70 who hold a bank account. For an affordable premium of Rs. 12, it offers Rs.

2 lakh coverage for death and permanent disability, and Rs. 1 lakh for partial permanent disability.

In addition to the national schemes, various state governments also offer dedicated health schemes for their residents. Here are some notable ones:

  • Maharashtra: Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana
  • Kerala: Awaz Health Insurance Scheme
  • West Bengal: West Bengal Health Scheme
  • Gujarat: Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana
  • Karnataka: Yeshasvini Health Insurance Scheme
  • Tamil Nadu: Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme
  • Rajasthan: Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana
  • Andhra Pradesh: Dr YSR Aarogyasri Health Care Trust
  • Telangana: Health Scheme for State Government Employees and Journalists.

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Benefits of Getting Government Health Insurance Schemes

Here are the advantages of opting for government health insurance programs:

1. Nominal Premium

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 Government health insurance plans serve as a safety net, offering financial relief to the economically disadvantaged.

Given that market-based insurance premiums can be prohibitively expensive, these state-sponsored schemes are essential to shield vulnerable communities from exorbitant medical expenses.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 Government health insurance schemes cater to a broad segment of the population.

They offer comprehensive coverage that encompasses benefits like accident protection, hospitalization costs, and hassle-free cashless medical treatments.

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023

3. Applicable Anywhere

National health insurance programs are available to all qualifying individuals throughout India.

While state-specific schemes cater to the residents of a particular state, national schemes are accessible to every Indian citizen.

4. Financial Protection

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 With escalating medical costs and inflation, accessing healthcare has become a challenge for those with limited income.

Government health insurance initiatives primarily aim to offer financial safeguards against unforeseen and costly medical events.

5. Hospitalisation Cover

The majority of government health programs offer comprehensive medical care at minimal or no expense upon hospitalization.

This encompasses charges for day treatments, consultations, surgical procedures, medication costs, and more.

Final Word

Here’s a concise summary of the characteristics and advantages of numerous government health insurance programs in India. While these schemes cater well to those facing financial challenges, individuals with regular incomes and the self-employed might find them lacking.

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2023 Consequently, they might lean towards health insurance plans with broader coverage and extra perks.

Navi provides an array of health insurance plans with a cover extending up to Rs. 1 crore.

Install the Navi App from the Google Play Store to identify a health insurance plan tailored to your requirements, allowing you to make claims seamlessly through a completely digital process.


Q Which Government health insurance provides coverage for BPL individuals?

Ans: The government health insurance that provides coverage for Below Poverty Line (BPL) individuals is the “Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana” (RSBY).

Q Are the Govt health schemes open for all Indian citizens?

Q Do Government health insurance policies have exclusions?

Ans: Yes, like private health insurance policies, government health insurance policies also have exclusions. These are specific conditions or treatments that are not covered under the policy. The exclusions vary from one scheme to another. It’s essential to read the policy documents or guidelines of a particular scheme to understand its exclusions. Common exclusions might include treatments for cosmetic purposes, certain pre-existing diseases (for a specific period), or specific alternative therapies.

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